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The F2L algorithms are the key to being fast, but the algorithms themselves are a little hard for beginners. Before beginning to learn full F2L you should start with the Intuitive F2L which you can find by searching on YouTube. After that, you can learn the full F2L from here. After you have learned the Intuitive F2L, you will notice, that the F2L algorithms are actually pretty easy.


The OLL algorithms are for advanced cubers. You shouldn't start with them because they are long and hard. From the beginning, you should start learning the 2-Look OLL, and later move to the full OLL after gaining experience. You can find the full OLL algorithms here.


The PLL algorithms are really easy and you should learn them first, starting with the 2-look PLL algorithms. There are no more than 10 of the 2-look PLL algorithms. You can find the full PLL here.


How to learn, recognize & practice new algorithms?

When you learn new algorithms such as the OLL or PLL you should use trainers. The trainers are giving you scrambles for the OLL/PLL cases you have selected, so when you scramble your cube it leads to an OLL/PLL case. You should practice the 3-5 algorithms you have just learned. When you can execute an algorithm in under 1.5 seconds you can count it as a mastered one. Learning F2L is a bit harder because there are no trainers for F2L and you can't practice this way. Regarding learning - it's not that hard, you just have to do one algorithm 20+ times as your hands can memorize the moves. Then you can start doing it with closed eyes and repeat it faster and faster. You shouldn't learn 10 algorithms per day because you will forget the first ones.:)