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Cubing planet


YJ YuHu V2 M ($12.99)

As the budget variant this cube is quite heavy but very good. The strange design on the pieces provides a better grip while turning. It is bigger than the other megaminxes. This can be a good and a bad thing - I like this size because the fingertricks are easier to perform. But if you are used to a smaller cube you will take some time to get used to this one too.

DaYan Megaminx V2 M ($32.99)

A few days after it got released the cube became the new main of most of the cubers. The cube is fast and light, with a concave design to provide a better grip. The cube is quite small compared to the YuHu V2 M.


YuXin LIttle Magic Square-1 M ($9.99)

As the budget choice this cube performs amazingly. After lubing it and setting it up it starts to feel very smooth and fast. You may find the magnets a bit stronger but you can easily remove them by taking the corner caps off.

YJ MGC Square-1 Fully Magnetic ($19.99)

By the first reviews of the cube everyone could tell that this is the new best choice for a square-1. It is smoother and faster, with better corner-cutting.


QiYi Magnetic Clock ($31.99)

After long years of having only the LingAo and the original Rubik’s Clock on the market two new ones popped on the market - one by QiYi and one by ShengShou. Even though the ShengShou one is way cheaper most of the reviews are not positive about it. On the other hand, the reviews about the QiYi clock say that is way better than all the others. It has 204 small magnets inside the gears and 4 big ones inside the pins for the best performance.