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Cubing planet


Budget ($0-$10)

QiYi MS Magnetic 2x2 ($6.99)

A great, fast, magnetic speed cube for under $7! There are a lot of positive reviews on the internet about this puzzle and if you are getting into speedcubing that would be an amazing choice.

YJ YuPo V2 Magnetic 2x2 ($6.99)

At the same price as the QiYi MS 2x2 it is still an amazing, fast cube that you should also check out. Even though it is on the list I’ve heard that the QiYi MS 2x2 performs better.

YJ MGC Magnetic 2x2 ($9.99)

At barely under $10 this cube provides amazing performance, controllability, and speed. It suits advanced cubers more, I would not recommend it for beginners.

Mid-range ($10 - $20)

X-Man Flare Magnetic 2x2 ($14.99)

Currently the newest 2x2 release by QiYi’s X-Man designs. It is the first 2x2 speed cube with customizable magnets - weak, medium, and strong. Again I would not recommend it for beginners.

The Valk 2 M 2x2 ($19.99)

Released back in 2018 this cube is still one of the best choices for a 2x2. With a bit stronger magnets it is a pretty controllable cube, still providing amazing speed. A lot of professional speedcubers are using it as their main 2x2 and you should definitely take a look at it.

YJ MGC Elite Magnetic 2x2 ($19.99)

Another nice cube, fast and controllable. It features a bit weirder magnet system - center-edge magnets. There are a lot of positive reviews about it, you should go take a look.

Expensive ($20 - ∞)

GAN 251 M Pro 2x2 ($32.99)

As the newest 2x2 release I could not miss adding it to the list. It provides adjustable magnets, the classic GAN GES nuts for the core, and the GAN 11 M Pro corner-core magnet system. Even though it has some cool features I would not really recommend it if your budget is lower. You can find some other really good cubes at a much lower price, but if you can afford this one you can try it, maybe it will be your new main.