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Cubing planet

Big cubes

Price ranges are not mentioned because there are not many big cube models, especially good ones.


YJ MGC 5x5 ($21.99)

This cube is cheaper than the others but it is truly amazing. Fast, controllable, and quiet it is also fully magnetic with stronger magnets on the inner layers and weaker on the outer just as the YJ MGC 4x4. It also comes with two sets of springs in the box. One of them weaker than the ones in the cube and the other set is with stronger.

MoYu AoChuang WR M 5x5 ($39.99)

This one is a really good choice if you like cubes with a crunchy feeling. The cube is pretty expensive, has no customization settings available. Overall a lot of people use it as their main and a lot of the reviews about it are positive, so if your budget is higher you should take a look at it.

The Valk 5 M ($49.99)

An expensive cube suitable for people with a harsh turning style. It does not provide any customization but overall it is a nice cube. Max Park used it to set the previous world record single in 2019 (36.06).


YJ MGC 6x6 ($24.99)

This cube is the only good choice for a good-performing 6x6. Same as the other cubes from YJ’s MGC big cubes it is fully magnetic. Again with weaker magnets on the outer layers and stronger on the inner. It also has the same spring customization.


YJ MGC 7x7 ($34.99)

Same as 6x6 this one is the best choice available. Overall YJ’s MGC big cubes are amazing, the prices are really good too. Again, it comes with two sets of springs and is fully magnetic as the other cubes from the line.