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Cubing planet


There are so many cube brands, so many cubes, probably more than you could ever imagine. But only a few of them are good, some of them even amazing for the price they are sold on. But which ones exactly are these wonderful puzzles? That’s what you are going to find out with the different pages on the dropdown menu. A quick thing I want to mention is that I have not tried most of the puzzles and I am saying things about them that were mentioned in reviews. The cubes I have tried have a better description. Also special thanks to Ram Thakkar for helping me create the list.


Some of the puzzles are so cheap that you would just go on and buy the cheapest one thinking it’s good just of how it is looking on the picture. That’s a common mistake made mainly by beginners and you should avoid it by making research on the topic. But sometimes it takes you a long time to find what you are looking for, that’s why in the pages for the different puzzles there are 3 price ranges: Budget ($1 - $10), Mid-range ($10 - $15), and Expensive ($20 - ∞). All of the cubes listed are the best options for the price range, all of them are magnetic.