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Cubing planet


Not That Budget ($0-$15)

X-Man Wingy Skewb ($13.99)

This is the most popular skewb on the market nowadays. It has a concave design which reduces dropping the cube in the middle of the solve. It is smooth and fast, has a nice magnetic bump on every turn. A big problem is that right out of the box, the cube pops very often so you will have to set it up (the screws are under the caps in the corners).

Mid-range ($15 - $20)

MoYu AoYan Skewb ($18.99)

As the second most popular skewb right now it is a very good puzzle. MoYu has a different solution for the problem I mentioned above - in the accessories box is contained another set of center caps - with a circular curve in the middle. If you are not a fan of the flat caps you can just change them. The cube is fast and controllable but something that I do not like is that it is very loud.

Expensive ($20 - ∞)

GAN Skewb Enhanced M ($31.99)

It was a surprise when we heard GAN is making a skewb and of course expected something amazing. And we got it. The cube has GAN’s new magnetic core and the GAN 11 M Pro’s springs adjustment system. Sadly it does not have a design to reduce dropping the cube, but most of the people who have tried it have not experienced the problem.