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Cubing planet


Budget ($0-$10)

YuXin Little Magic M ($7.99)

This is a very cheap pyraminx but that doesn’t matter - some of the fastest solvers recommend it and use it as their main/backup. There isn’t much to say about it, it is fully magnetic and overall a very good puzzle.

Mid-range ($10 - $20)

Sheng Shou Mr.M Pyraminx ($10.99)

Same as the Little Magic it is used by some of the fastest pyraminxers. It is not as cheap but it may feel more premium. The pyraminx has a different texture on the outside. This can be a little weird if you are using it for the first time but I believe will get used to it.

Expensive ($20 - ∞)

GAN Pyraminx Enhanced ($28.99)

This one is very expensive and if your budget is limited you should not get it. But if that is not your case, some stuff I can say about it is that it is slightly smaller than the other pyraminxes on the market. Out of the box, it is already very fast but after using it for a while the factory settings may be way too loose for you. In that case, you can change the GES nuts (which are included in the box). I use the yellow ones as the strongest, but even after that the pyraminx still feels a bit uncontrollable. Overall it has a smooth oily feeling and is very fast so I would not recommend it to beginners.