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Cubing planet


Mid-range ($10 - $20)

YJ MGC 4x4 ($19.99)

This is a quite new magnetic 4x4. It is way cheaper than the other good ones but is definitely an amazing choice. The cube is fully magnetic, with stronger magnets on the inner layers and weaker on the outer ones, so the 3x3 stage is more comfortable and secure to perform. The cube is fast and controllable, in the accessories box you can find two packs of springs - one of them is with springs lighter than the ones in the cube and the others are stronger.

Expensive ($20 - ∞)

X-Man Ambition 4x4 M ($29.99)

The first 4x4 release by X-Man. The cube is again fully magnetic but does not have any customization available. Perhaps that a lot of people like its fast feeling and it is currently a contender for the top.

MoYu AoSu WR M 4x4 ($42.99)

I have heard a lot of positive reviews about this cube, some people prefer it over the YJ MGC 4x4 and the X-Man Ambition because this one is slightly faster even though it is almost double the price of the YJ’s cube. It does not provide any customization.